Mark Garrigan Makes things.

Toolbox I'm only as good as the tools I work with. I try to keep my toolbox simple and light.

Writing is fun. I've been coding by hand since BASIC games on a Commodore 64.





Hand crafted and pixel perfect.

HTML and CSS can get a ton accomplished. Mix in some Javascript and you pretty much can't be stopped. The first server side language I learned was PHP and in 2009 I learned Ruby. I love making them all work together in harmony.

Currently helping me be a better writer...

Building is funner! Funner is not a word.

I needed a simple way to send invoices to people and collect payment with a credit card. Outvoice gives me just enough control and strips away all the features I never use.

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The Race Series

I'm working on building a series of trail running races in Northeast Wisconsin. This is the website where people learn about and register for the races.

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Luna Cafe

I've been a fan of the best coffee shop in Wisconsin for a long time. I'm honored to donate my time to develop and keep their website up and running.

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